Name City of Sylvania
Address 6730 Monroe St, Sylvania, OH 43560
Primary Phone 419-885-8733
Department / Job Title Name Contact For Action
Records Department Clerks Records and general information View
Property Room Clerk Hayward Questions regarding property being held by department View
Name of Event Date of Event Description Action
Red Bird Art Walks 03-04-2022 First Friday of every month. May have... View
Farmers Market 06-07-2022 Occurs Every Tuesday evening beginning June 06/07/2022... View
Local Fest 06-18-2022 Local Fest - Music and Food festival... View
Sylvania Fireworks 07-03-2022 Sylvania Fireworks at Centennial Terrace View
Women’s Trillium 07-10-2022 Women's Run, Bike and Swim event at... View
Ohio/Michigan Run 07-14-2022 Ohio Michigan 5k and 10K runs that... View
Sylvania Triathlon 08-07-2022 Road closures on Sylvania Ave. Expect bike... View
Riding Late in 48 08-27-2022 Organized Night Bike Ride through the City... View
LPGA 08-30-2022 LPGA Golf event at Highland Meadows Golf... View
Local Fest 09-17-2022 Local Music and Food Festival in Downtown... View
Fall Festival 10-15-2022 Multi-day event, Saturday, October 15 and Sunday... View