Name Ottawa Hills
Address 2125 Richards Rd, Ottawa Hills, OH 43606
Primary Phone 419-536-1111
Department / Job Title Name Contact For Action
Deputy Chief Gregg Estok Operations View
Police Administrative Assistant Carly Michalski Administrative Requests View
Detective Sgt Marc Tupper Investigations View
Property Room David Ranazzi Property View
Village Offices Admin General Village Questions, Trash Pick Up View
Name of Event Date of Event Description Action
OHSPA Glow Bike Roll 11-14-2021 Glow Roll begins at 5:30 PM View
Wersell’s Glow Roll 11-19-2021 Glow Roll begins at 6:30 PM View
Thanksgiving Day 5k 11-25-2021 5K View
Fill-a-Cruiser 11-06-2021 Event runs 11/6/21 to 12/6/21 View